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NG Dragonz Contest!

2010-02-04 16:26:14 by Rallalazor

Ok, I got this idea a few months ago about Newgrounds getting its own dragon! An awesome dragon of black and yellow, all badass and stuff, and firing lazors!... Of course, as I am, I do not go totalitarian/stubborn on stuff... that's why I have decided to hold a NG Dragon Contest! The requirements?

1. Add picture of dragon (obviously)
2. I will only accept art made by you (applies only to computer- made dragons)
3. Put powerz of dragon in picture/mention it somewhere (like invisibility, pyrokenisis, breathing fire, etc.)
4. add inside info on dragon if you want
5. Be creative and think of Newgrounds- themed dragons


I will check back occasionally to see its progress, and all dragons after New Years Eve of 2011 will not be accepted in (sorry).

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Would you expect Jesus to be like this?

Jesus and how we all think of who he is


2009-03-24 09:56:24 by Rallalazor

Sho guys, I get questions on stuvvz. Like, Why is sky blue, where do rainbows end, and all that jazz. If youz people got answers or questionz, add a post pleez!
(BTW, this is what happens when UNICEF and the Irani Terrorists team up on the Smurfs)